The Best Lesbian Bars Worldwide

The Best Lesbian Bars Worldwide

With the disappearance of so many of our beloved lesbolandia spaces, it can be hard for a girl out of town to know where to go.  We want to help! We’ve asked around, we’ve lurked on social media groups, we’ve done our research and we’ve driven around the United States, Mexico and Central America to find the best lesbian bars, clubs, lesbian-frequented bars and clubs, lesbian parties, events and places to let our hair down (or up, in a ball cap) and have a good time.  

 It's not meant to be a comprehensive list (I know, I know - you just can't believe we didn't include THIS bar, but did include THAT one) but a list of the BEST ones (that we know about). You can find the mediocre bars yourself. Ha! 

This is intended to be a constantly evolving resource that we will be updating and completing long after it is published so if you have corrections, suggestions or updated information, please shoot us a message!

If you own a bar or produce parties and would like us to feature it, tell us about it or invite us!  If we happen to be in your area or able to take a trip, we would love to come check it out. ;)



Atlanta, GeorgiaMSR My Sister's Room an Atlanta Staple, this bar has been around for 21 years!  Not only is this bar an important part of Gay-Atlanta's herstory that you should stop by to pay your respects but its also a rockin' good time where you are sure to make a friend or five. 

San Diego, CaliforniaGossip Grill - go here. Listen. Just go here.  Every moment you spend at this bar, day or night,  will be one of the best moments of your young, lez-be-honest life  

Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles is more about the parties than the places, you just have to know where to find them: Start by looking for these - AltarGirl Wednesdays at the Abbey in WeHo, a GirlBar LA Production, then head over to "Whitney Day presents" - pretty much any event she is involved with, will be killer. After that, check out parties by Milk Milk, you wont be disappointed. 

Altargirl photo by @gpadilla96

San Francisco, California: Ladies night at Q-bar is Tuesday with VICE Parties,  For a neighborhood bar with great outdoor seating, check out The Wild Side West in Bernal heights. Like Los Angeles, San Francisco is about the parties and a good place to begin is with Koolaid SF, also check out events by Whitney Mixter from The Real L Word - she throws great parties around SF. 

Nashville, Tennessee: It's not a trip to Nashville without a trip to the The Lipstick Lounge - outdoor seating, dance music, live music, karaoke, celebrity sightings and by your second visit, everyone will know your name. Also in Nashville, check out the monthly QDP (Queer Dance Party) events - by far, the biggest, most well-attended gay parties in Nashville. 

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QDP Photo Credit - Tammy Whynot

QDP Photo Credit - Tammy Whynot

Miami, Florida: Purdy Lounge - It's a mixed bag at the Purdy Lounge, reggae nights, industry nights, you name it but Thursday nights are the "Hey Ma" ladies nights and if you haven't partied with the ladies in Miami, you haven't partied at all. 

Wilton Manors, FloridaG-Spot

Boston, Massachusetts: Another special-event/party town - start by checking out Kristen Porter events. 

Palm Springs, CaliforniaDINAH! Duh, its a staple. We all know it, we all love it.  You should go!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Woody’s – mostly men until the main lesbian bar closed, now it is very mixed, always crowded and always a good time.

New York City, NYThe Cubby Hole, a bar, that has welcomed us to town, kicked us out, let us back in - we love it, a neighborhood bar, for sure, with great music and killer drinks - 55% men, 35% women, 10% straight. Henrietta Hudson - what happens at Henrietta's, stays at Henrietta's. Brooklyn – Ginger’s - a small, campy neighborhood bar where you can find all of your girlfriends, boyfriends and in-between friends, Whitney Day events - though, i'm not sure how much she does in NYC anymore, she seems to be West Coast now - anyone know?

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Guadalajara: GAYdalajara!   Club Envy - if you're young, stylish, love to dance and want to feel fabulous, this is the place - we had a blast but felt underdressed. This bar is for everyone, complete with go-go girls AND go-go boys. Guadalajara actually has a lot of great bars - and most of them are friendly to the ladies even if they are mostly male. 


 Frida’s Atico Upstairs Bar Frida’s is a well-located, touristy restaurant (with incredible margaritas and a Sunday brunch to die for) but UPSTAIRS, at night, the restaurant turns locals dance club!

Frida’s is Lesbian-owned, not exclusively gay but has very gay monthly events and weekly dance parties featuring techno, electronic and house music with an always open and welcoming atmosphere.  The regular DJ is an incredibly talented (and hot, if I might add) chick.  When we were in Antigua the first time, the Atico Bar was hosting a party featuring DJ Gunn and Daniela Sea (Max from the L Word).



ParisRosa Bonheur,  Rosa Bonheur 2 - yes, there are two of them! And they are both quality neighborhood bars for the ladies, La Mutinerie is a lesbian bar that will give you a very Paris experience.  Check it out, you won't be sorry. And finally, our favorite pick Le So What - a lesbian bar and dance club where you can feel comfortable taking the boys as well, they aren't left out of the fun.  On the weekends, this place is packed!


Shinjuku - Bar Goldfinger - hosts multiple weekly ladies-only events. This bar has been highly reviewed on many lesbian social-media sites and in several women-centered magazines. 


San JoseLa Avispa - not solely a women's dance club but it is lesbian-owned, a staple in the San Jose lesbian community and hosts a twice a month, women-only party. This club has been around for 30 YEARS and is not to be missed out on. Great dj's, great drinks, great people. 

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Buenos AiresClub 69 at the Roxy - Every Thursday night, The Roxy Bar becomes a playground for gays of all kinds, definitely catering to the ladies - figuratively and literally. Burlesque dancers, showgirls, random acrobatic acts and a variety of DJ's


Sydney: The Imperial Hotel - an awesomely evenly mixed LGBT bar in Newton, South Wales - drag shows, dance music, special events and friendly staff (though, there have been controversial reviews related to the bar security getting too aggressive at times - but hey, this bar is PACKED)

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Barcelona: Chicas Malas Lesbian Parties - look you guys, there is just something about Spanish women - and Chicas Malas has managed to assemble all the most beautiful ones here in one place.  This is not a party to miss. 


Cape Town: Beaulah Bar - Don't you dare go to Cape Town and not go to this bar! Evenly mixed with men and gorgeous women, there are tasmanian devil dj's tearing up the dance floor, colorful drinks 


Toronto:  If you're looking for a terrific time in Toronto, look no further than parties hosted by GirlPlay.   Recently, they have teamed up with About Last Night, legendary party producer of an event called Cream to bring you Hide and Seek.  Definitely check out all of their stuff! 

Vancouver:  Head on over to FlyGirl Productions for their Hershe Bar events held in various locations (and sometimes on boats). This is where you will find ALL the ladies you want to find, more than you can handle and just a few more. 

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Milton Keynes: Pink Punters.  This place is like a different world!!  Karaoke some nights, dance club other nights, special events and parties! Such a good time for both the ladies and the boys.

London:  She Soho - This bar self describes as the only "women-priority venue in London" - and we have to say, its a great space to have two XX chromosomes. Hot DJ's, after-hours fun and endless dancing make this a must-do.


Tel Aviv: BE PROUD  is a collective of four lesbian party producers -All Stars, Seven Eleven, Les is More, Chart Party – these parties are always at a great location with incredible DJ’s.