Gear we can't live without

There is all the regular gear, then there is the gear that you must have.  These are the things that we can't live without.  We will be adding more to this list soon but here are the tried and true so far.


Electric Bug Zapper

This bug zapper is the only thing that keeps us sane in the tent or in an airbnb when there are mosquitos, sand fleas and whatever else might be biting that night.  We've found that the battery operated ones last longer than the plug in type.  

Vegetable Noodle Spiralizer

We use the veggie noodle spiralizer a few times a week. Cucumber noodles are a staple...easy to throw some homemade pesto or tomato sauce on them for a healthy raw dinner.  We highly recommend this one.


Our friends Maggie got us these reusable bags in a pouch as a going away present and they have been SO useful to us.  We often take them into the markets, use them for laundry, groceries, and for just moving large amounts of things around.  They are both machine washable and easy to wash by hand.  Also they are very durable and hold up to 50lbs. each.


Our Nutribullet was given to us from a friend named Cindy in Guadalajara, Mexico when our Big Boss blender died and it changed our lives.  Since we started eating about 65% raw meals we use it almost every day.  It is perfect to travel with because it's more portable than a blender, plus it has a 600w motor so it works better than a blender.  We use it to make sauces, drinks, pesto, grind coffee, etc.  

Extension Cord

This is something every overlander should have.  I don't know how anyone does this trip without one.  We have 3; A long, medium and a short just in case.  We have needed all three of them at once.  Make sure to get an outdoor, heavy duty extension cord that is a heavy enough gauge to properly power everything that you need powered.

2 to 3 Prong Adapters

Adapters are our friends on this trip.  These are a must.  There have been a ton of places that only have the old school 2 prong electrical outlets and we wouldn't have been able to charge our laptops, etc. without these.

Fold Flat Step Stool

We use this stool every time we need to get into the fridge and for a variety of other things.  Sunny and I aren't very tall so it's nice to have something so easy and stable to stand on if needed.

Endless Breeze 12v Fan by Fan-tastic Fans

I can't explain how hot it gets in Central America at times.  It all depends on the elevation, but when it has been scorching hot this fan has saved the day.  We actually have 2; We got one for us and another for Gracie.  I recommend this brand because it has proven to draw less power than any other fan we've tried so far.