We go a lot of places together.    

Our Supporters

These are people who have financially contributed to our journey in some way - by either buying us a beer or gas from the website, purchasing a print or other merchandise, given us a free place to stay - you get the idea.  We could not continue this journey without the love, generosity and  kindness of our supporters.

Shirley Ezell
Laurie Holloway
Margo Jones
Shellena Burton
Angie Foster and Renee Mackin
Jan Balsley
Tera Jaynes-Tackett and Cheley Tackett
Connor O'Neill
Somer Moran
Rhonda Linginfelter
Ramona Reid
Brian Jackson
Bobbi Johnson
Brandes Holcomb
Ed and Sarah Devries
Bo Taylor
Guadalajara Cindy
Ray Vetetoe
Rhonda Weatherford
Cristina Stewart



Bruce Kessler         
Lindsey Elias  and Rachael Stroop
Maria Toro        
Shamicka Bush
Ginger Wilson-Mattingley
Trip Columbo
Missy Moran
Brenda Paradiso
Willow Fort and Curt Perkins
Sarah Jones
Sarah and Timothy Loyd
Jonathan Augusta
Bryan Adams
Margo and Jurgen Buschek
Shannon Poindexter
Mark and Holly Bartholomei
Lisa Carver
Ryan Walker and Brian Glitt
Todd Gatewood






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